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Passion, commitment and knowledge = results! This is what Mikhail and PMF is all about. He has to be one of the best trainers in the industry, so focused on his role as a coach to push you to achieve and exceed your goals. Not to mention a genuinely nice, but highly professional guy.

Pollyanna Harper,Head of retail sales UK, ETF & indexing at BlackRock

June 2018


Felicity Ingram | Beauty Photographer


August 2018


Learning the skills to safety and proficiently train in the gym should be a key life skill for everyone. Mikhail and PMF has given me the tools to do this. I’ve had personal trainers in the past who just show up, do an unplanned workout, and generally look disinterested. With PMF you will get a personalised program and tracked progression with a trainer who really cares about your results, not only in the mirror but your whole lifestyle, from how your sleeping, eating and general mood. 

I’m a very competitive person and Mikhail knows this, so we train in a way that pushes me every single session with a varied program.I see my body growing stronger and leaner. I couldn’t recommend him more highly if you’re looking for a trainer who is 100 % dedicated to you, with a wealth on knowledge and a work ethic that’s second to none. 


I moved to London from Manchester where I trained at a famous Gym, so my standards were quite high, I did my research in terms of gyms and then tried to find the best trainer that was on offer! I value knowledge and expertise and Mikhail didn’t disappoint! 

His ability to apply his knowledge, specially to my requirements and to make every session feel like you’ve progressed from when you started is his real strength!!! 

If you want to invest into yourself, I couldn’t recommend Mikhail any higher, the best value for money trainer I’ve ever used and I’ve played semi-pro Rugby in my training years!

Dafyyd Evans,CEO at European Shuffleboard UK Ltd

June, 2018

Power Moves Fitness and Mikhail helped me tremendously. I'm 38 years young and previously have been working out three times a week for 15 years. Over the last few years, as I entered my late thirties, I was hitting a plateau; I struggled to get growth in my legs, keep the body fat down, and maintain flexibility. Mikhail kept my program varied and helped me to shock my body into growing again. I'm so pleased with my deep squats and single-leg strength. I can even do a pistol squats now. If you don't know what they are, ask Mikhail for a demo. Highly recommend him and his business. 

JR Little, Comms strategist & planner, published author & entrepreneur

February, 2017


About power moves fitness

Do you want more from life?


Whatever your common concerns are we fully understand and have been there ourselves. Due to our extensive experience working with people from all walks of life we can empathise with each individual. 


Do you want to be the hero in your life?


Here at Power Moves Fitness we work with people who want to improve their lives externally, internally and philosophically. 


Power Moves Fitness is “performance coaching”.

We aim to understand what the client feels and think’s throughout training cycle’s. Through experience and knowledge we relate to the physical, emotional and psychological barriers that confront the individual each & every day.


We utilise training theories, programming strategies and technique cues to improve strength, mobility, body composition, injury prevention, work capacity, recovery and aerobic conditioning.

Anyone can be a good coach. It isn’t very hard if you know how.

We are great coaches.

Choose your path 

At Power Moves Fitness we are dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need to finally achieve the body you've always wished for. Everyone deserves to reach their full potential and feel their best and we hold all the secrets to your success. 

Everyone is different and we all have different goals. It's vital for us to understand each other so before we agree to anything we will have a free no strings attached consultation call before getting started. 

Together we will work on helping you feel worthwhile, happy, and attractive. For over 10 years I have immersed myself in helping people just like you change their lives. Once we are working together we will outline our goals and get to work! 

All new clients start with the below; however we mostly operate online  and have done so for 4 plus year.

Each new online client receives a 12 week training programme, where we equip you with: 


- Metabolism assessment  

- Your tailor-made programme. 

- Strength/hypertrophy programming 

- Any mobility, flexibility or injury issue will be addressed and considered

- Your cardio programme which runs alongside your main programme

- Your personalised nutrition and diet plan which we constantly adjust throughout your time with us

- Mindset work. This is just as important as anything else!

- Regular and consistent check ins with your coach to keep you on track and hold you accountable


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