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PMF 6 weeK homeworkout program:

COST £150

This program is designed to : 

  1. Give you a structured routine whilst working out during lockdown.

  2. Train your whole body across 3 sessions.

  3. Keep you functional & strong.

  4. Stimulate muscular & metabolic systems.

  5. Work on any postural issues that may occur due to being sat at home for extended periods of time.




Dumbells :


Average Female 8kg, 10kg, 14kg 

Strong Female 12kg,14kg,20kg


Average Male 8kg, 10kg, 20-30kg 

Strong Male 12kg,14kg,30kg 


Kettlebells :


Average Female 14kg 

Strong Female 20kg


Average Male 20-24kg 

Strong Male 30k-34g 


Abs wheel

mini band

41 inch Resistence band 



The knowledge laid out in this book will help you to:

Lose body fat & gain lean muscle mass.

Build a strong relationship with food.

Have energy to perform optimally in the gym, at work & be strong. 

Build motivation & have the tools at hand to be successful 

Get it for just £24.99 : (89 pages). 


Water, Sleep, Macronutrients, Clean Eating, Optimally Eating, Intermittent Fasting, Hormones, Salt & Sugar, Supplements, Energy Balance, Goal Setting & Meal Ideas.