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Essential strength  

Expert performance coaching for a fraction of the cost

Group home coaching program

Weekly subscription : £10 per week 

sessions & equipment

EQUIPMENT required :




42 inch band 

Mini band 




3 x 45-60mins session’s per week. 

Pre-recorded session’s with session guidelines, technique, executions & regressions. 


1 x aerobic goal posted in the group

Can be repeated twice. 

component 1 





Using minimal equipment in a periodised program. 

We will utilise strength mechanism’s to stimulate strength and hypertrophy adaptations. No randomness ; just productive work. 

component 2 & 3 


Exercises designed to work the core in flexion, extension and anti-rotation to build a stronger leaner trunk. 



Periodised programming to improve the strength of your aerobic system which includes the heart, lungs and circulatory system. This will be mostly running sessions. 

"What I’ve most enjoyed over the last 5 weeks is learning new things which have been lacking in my previous programming, some of which for me is core work and tempo. I train regularly and haven’t felt this tight in my trunk in a long time. I feel challenged, motivated and strong and I’m looking forward to the next training block" - Danni Whelan (home programming) 

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