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Self-development is a selfish act; being a good coach that prides oneself on the success’ of the client is a selfless continuance. Life is all about finding a balance.


One thing I can guarantee you as a coach is knowledge, guidance and support. 


Reputation is everything.I am a no nonsense, no gimmicks type of trainer. Your results are my success’ and this is what I feed off, this is what drives my ambition. 

Furious dedication and hard work; these two characteristics alone will quantify results. Being in good physical health demonstrates discipline and that you’re not lazy within yourself. Just knowing how hard you have to work to overcome a challenge on the gym floor will spill over into every aspect of your life.


As a therapeutic radiographer, I have a in depth understanding of the human bodies anatomy and biology allowing me to apply principles of all round healthy body to you. I will not only guide you towards the physique you desire but I will share my knowledge and education on improving your physique. Living a stronger, healthier life style, ‘Knowledge is power.’


I will provide you with the tools to gain your desired physique. If you put in the dedicated hard work I will lead you towards the finish line, keeping you motivated pushing you past perceived barriers. 

Danielle Lennon

“Danielle is a calm, collected, encouraging and powerful coach. She made the gym a safe space where I could let out stress, build confidence and feel supported. Working with Danielle made me realise that with the right trainer, you can actually look forward to working out! Thanks to her, I feel stronger and much more comfortable in my own body"

- Sarah tran

Charley Stewart PMF


Training as a National Artistic Gymnast for 12 years has taught me three things; without a goal, there is no progression. Commitment is a habit, not a chore. Mind set will overpower the body's potential. Understanding these three principles has enhanced my transition into weight training. I have applied these into my own self development.


As a Coach i set out to achieve a  physical transformation but also a mind set shift with every client of mine. I can teach you to enjoy the process of transformation and make it a permanent lifestyle change. I coach with a "no shortcuts" attitude therefore, when its done, its done properly.


"Change happens when the pain of staying the same, is greater than the pain of change" - Tony Robbins. Its true. I can guarantee that you will receive the support, knowledge and results desired as long as you are putting in the work. You need to want to do this.

"" I was in no way overly fit before Charley, but in 6 months of PMF Coaching I've gained 7kgs of muscle and alot more confidence in my body. So much so, I can now happily wear shorts and t-shirts in public"

_Yuki Pondeca

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