online client 

I came to train with Mikhail because I had landed a position in my job where I was struggling to find time to workout and when I did it had no structure and I wasn’t seeing results. I was tired of having to guess what to do next and at the time I stuck with what I knew best that was functional and cardio. I wanted to build muscle but, as a person that naturally looses weight, I wasn’t doing the right training for my goal. 

I started to feel what it it feels like to be strong. But most importantly to overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety about the unknown. To step out of your comfort zone and trust yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to.  It takes focus, courage and dedication and these are definitely things I’ve learnt with the online coaching  I’ve taken up with Mikhail.

 physically my hard work shows but it is the mental gains that have made the biggest difference in my life.


Millie ashworth - HUGHES 

online client

"Thoroughly professional, knowledgable and experienced Personal Trainer and coach... which is hard to come by in London! Mikhail has a great work ethic and is passionate about what he does, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves. As an online client of his I feel just as important as his 1-2-1 clients. His programmes are well thought out and specific to me. I would highly recommend Mikhail to anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing and get real results".

Hana Bibi 

LPC & LLM at BP Law School

1-2-1 CLIENT 

"Starting personal training sessions with Mikhail almost a year ago has had the biggest and most positive impact on my fitness journey, allowing me to see the changes I have always been wanting to achieve. Mikhail’s passion, expertise and knowledge is truly reflected in every session. Mikhail is a great mentor and coach who encourages and pushes you to dig deep and reach your full potential"

Luciana Martinez 

1-2-1 Client & Online Client 


Brazilian Beauty Artist, based in London, England.

Hairstylist and Makeup artist with over 12 years of experience working for leading brands, fashion, TV-channels, magazines, events and film production companies in UK, United States and Brazil.


Alice Mackenzie, 

22 year old law student.

Online client 


“Since I started training with Mikhail I have seen better results than from any training I have done before. Online training has offered me the flexibility to have expert guidance without the costs of a personal trainer. 


Mikhail has helped me to train harder and more effectively. I feel fitter and stronger both in and out of the gym. He has a clear passion for fitness backed up by deep knowledge and is always available to help and push you when you need it. 

Thanks, Mikhail, for helping me on my fitness journey”


1-2-1 CLIENT

Director and Founder of Rients Ltd, Rients Bruinsma’s signature style is classic, yet contemporary. Working on a rich portfolio of high-end residential and commercial projects over the years, Rients has developed a base of global clients whom he and his team work with time and time again.

Rients has a very busy and demanding work life. Weight training benefits him by keeping him healthy, fit and strong. Most importantly it allows him to perform well whilst at work.