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unleash your performance 

Soft tissue work to improve flexibility.

Developing flexibility alongside strength  your body will be able to withstand more physical stress. Strength and flexibility should not be treated as either/or but and. We aim to improved physical performance on all fronts. 

Mobility exercises specific to the main lift for that day to increase active range of target joints.

This is  important to allow for better efficiency of the joints in use so that their movements are not compromised. Increasing joint strength/mobility facilitates optimal movement. 

Stability work to increase joint stability.Several subsystems ensure the stability of a joint which will be targeted.


Also to improve range of motion (ROM), decrease the  chance of injury, develop greater maximal force, and stronger muscles.

Programming which is easy to follow. Videos linked to everything explaining how and why. 


This online program is aimed at Intermediate to advanced levels but we do also provide a beginners version. Reach new levels with a sophisticated periodisation focused on developing your squat, deadlift, push, pull & core. 

The PMF blueprint is purpose built strategy which will enhance your performance from the ground up.

This increased performance not only relates to the training but also to life. Think, feel and live like a high performer. A stronger more efficient body is associated with a clearer mind , energised body and more productiveness.


“Be more intentional about who you want to become. Have vision beyond your current circumstances. Imagine your best future self, and start acting like that person today.” 


Your body is a beautifully complex system and requires attention to detail to fine tune its performance. 

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With your purchase you will receive :


6 weeks Beginners and intermediate/advanced options available. 

The PMF blueprint which has tutorial videos linked in to every exercise so you know how to execute but also why. 


A copy of the 89 page PMF nutrition Ebook 

ONLY £50

Please note the PMF Blueprint does not include Olympic Weightlifting . This video is for testimonial purposes only 

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